The Gora Dhol Wallah

Header image courtesy of Selah Photography.

Aaron Templer is a dholi living and performing in Denver, Colorado. He is a first-call dhol player for baraats, sangeets, receptions, and Indian dance performances throughout Colorado.

You don’t have to pay for a dholi from Chicago, or New York, or Toronto, or Houston, or Detroit. Your Denver Dholi is right here in Denver, Colorado.

Aaron is a trained percussionist who attended the Berklee College of Music. He is the Live Music Director for the Indian dance troupe Mudra Dance Studio, performing regularly on dhol and other percussion instruments. Mudra performs at many cultural events, workshops, and the studio’s original performances throughout the year. The Mudra Rhythm Section (Mudra RS) blends rhythms from India, Japan, South/Central America, and Africa and performs as a stand-alone group. Any combination of the ensemble is perfect for baraats and receptions that want a truly unique performance to set apart events.

Photo credit: Gil Asakawa

Aaron is also the percussionist for the 3-time, Best of Westword award-winning group SF1 where he brings his Chaal and Punjab beats to a hip hop setting.

Aaron brings Chaal and Punjab beats to the SF1 – A three-time Best of Westword hip hop crew. Shane and Aaron have played in the Mudra Dance Studio for years, and together crank up the excitement for any baraat or Indian wedding reception.