Photos and Video

It’s been a gift to perform as a percussionist and serve as live music director for the Mudra Dance Studio for over ten years. I arranged and played the music for this performance, with the incomparable Eishita Nariani choreographing and dancing, taiko maestro Thomas Knight on chappa, and company members of the studio accompanying as community members. Things pick up at 1:25 in.

Playing to a sold out crowd at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver with the Mudra Dance Studio and Thomas Knight (taiko), Avish Arora (dhol), and Michael Paff (auxiliary percussion):

Playing at a few wedding events in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

Dat baraat life:

A Mudra Dance Studio party:


A collection of performance shots with the Mudra Dance Studio (photos by Shawn Herbert, and Mudra Dance Studio):

With the wonderful Jeannyne McMillen of Milk Money Acres — when it comes to a horse handler for baraats, there’s no one better:

A highlight of my baraat experience was this baraat through the streets of downtown Denver with the groom atop an elephant (photo Credit: Manisha Paralikar):


Playing with Thomas Knight—taiko maestro—at the Indian/Nepalese Colorado Heritage Camps. The campers built a village, and we helped celebrate with a mela:


Thomas Knight wrote a taiko piece that featured the dhol. I’ve never heard of a dhol/taiko piece—I believe this was a first—and it was a real honor to play it (photo Credit: Shawn Herbert):


Such a joy to bring Chaal and Punjab beats to hip hop with the crew, SF1. SF1 has won Westword Magazine’s Best Hip Hop Group two years running, and Shane won Best Hip Hop Artist the year before that. During this performance a West African dancer felt what we have to offer and joined in. Hiring Shane on djembe to accompany me at baraats sets your event apart – it’s a beat and energy like no other (photo Credit: Westword Magazine):

Animal has been with my drums since the beginning.